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  • CXD101

    CXD101 (class 1 selective HDAC inhibitor) is an oral novel small molecule oncology drug candidate which is Phase 2 ready.

    Researched and developed by Celleron Therapeutics, an Oxford University based spin- out. The drug will be co-developed across leading sites in the UK and China – the studies will be done in parallel.

    The drug will be developed in combined with both a biomarker in PTCL and HCC and in combination with a check-point inhibitor in BCL and CRC.

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  • CXD201

    CXD 201(oral topo isomerase inhibitor – diflomotecan) is an oral novel small molecule oncology drug candidate which is phase 2 ready.

    It’s the first oral formulation in the class allow for ease of use i.e. outpatient treatment opportunity. The significantly improved safety profile (GI profile is best in class) allows for expanded use at higher and more effective therapeutic dosages in combination with other oncology drugs i.e. capecitabine. Targeting CRC, a leading and fast-growing oncology condition in China the profile and efficacy lends toward a potential blockbuster. Led by Celleron Therapeutics, an Oxford University spin-out, clinical trials of CXD 201 will be conducted in UK and China in parallel.

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  • SPR064

    SPR064 is a novel prodrug of paclitaxel – its neither cremaphor nor liposomal based and has shown remarkable improvements in solubility.

    The injectable formulation has a good solubility profile, gets rid of side effects of original solvent formulation and has potential for oral and topical administration. Manufacturing cost are significantly lower than cremaphor and liposomal based formulations – both albumin and non-albumin alike. Discovered by University of California in the United States, SPR 064 will have the API made in China and will be fully manufactured in China. The company is planning to target a 505b2-like pathway (even though not a generic) in the US with clinical trials conducted in China, the US and South Africa.

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  • TYG 100

    TYG 100, is a reversible cancer immunotherapy (RCI), for treatment of gastroenterological cancers such as pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer.

    TYD 100 uses the S-TIR technology which enables specific targeted delivery of G17 (immunogen) to both pDC and B cell efficiently, thus has a mechanism of action on both B cell checkpoint control and T cell checkpoint control. Clinical studies of the earlier drug candidate (G17DT, a therapeutic vaccine developed by Aphton Inc.) aiming at gastrin neutralization, demonstrated survival benefit (P<0.003) with good quality of life in responding patients. TYG100 is the superior successor of G17DT. TYG100 promises to achieve > 100 fold higher anti-G17 IgG titres in almost 100% of the patients. Developed by UK based TYG-oncology company, funded by Cancer Research UK, TYG 100 will enter clinical trials in UK and China in parallel.

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